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Mutant Training - New York Front Page

Mutant Training - New York Front Page


The spinning headline brought to life!!!!

Every comic book fan has seen it...whether in cinema or in print. Whenever a major part of a story arc takes place we (the fans) are treated to quick little snapshots of what the fictional world news headline would report...."ALIEN INVASION", "HEROES SAVE THE CITY", "FRIEND OR FOE?", etc...well here we have a snapshot of the mutant community being reported on by the press :)

This 'New York Daily News' send-up features high resolution images and detailed articles.
This awe-inspiring paper is created on real newsprint and looks, smells, feels and ages just like a real newspaper and is the same size as a standard US broadsheet newspaper!

Every comic book fan has wanted their own piece of their favorite universe...This paper is an absolutely unique display piece detailing the discovery of a mutant training facility on the front page of a local New York newspaper.

A must have display piece for fans of Marvel, Stan Lee, Bryan Singer and comcis in general!!!
This is a heartfelt homage for comic fans, by a comic fan :)

*This piece is one sided and is meant for display purposes...Frame not included.
*Will be shipped safely in a plastic poster sleeve inside a cardboard mailing tube.

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