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Chicago Times - Zombie Outbreak Front Page

Chicago Times - Zombie Outbreak Front Page


A relic of the zombie apocalypse!!!

The setting is an empty city block...abandoned cars line the streets...smoke billows in the distance...and here we see the irregular, shambling movements of undead emerging and littering the street...JUST THEN, a newspaper blows against a wall announcing "CITY OVERRUN WITH INFECTED".

We've all seen scenes like you can own your own zombie outbreak front page newspaper!

Every horror fan has wanted their own piece of the zombie apocalypse...This paper is an absolutely unique display piece detailing a zombie outbreak on the front page of a local Chicago newspaper.

This 'Chicago Tribune' send-up features high resolution images and detailed articles.
This awe-inspiring paper is created on real newsprint and looks, smells, feels and ages just like a real newspaper and is the same size as a standard broadsheet newspaper!

A must have display piece for fans of classic horror!!!

To make my Front Pages as realistic as possible, they are the same size as a standard US Broadsheet. Each Front Page measures in at 15"x22.75".

*This piece is one sided and is meant for display purposes...frame not included.

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