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We've all seen it...

It's been in countless movies, since the beginning of the moving picture shows. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I realized that NEEDED a Front Page. If you've ever watched a great zombie film, you've definitely seen this. The city has been ravaged, smoke billows in the background as an abandoned car in the foreground is spattered with gore. The camera pans across the abandoned street and zooms in a pile of rubbish, including a front page of a newspaper with a headline reading something like "THE DEAD WALK!".

I need this...

I HAD TO HAVE THAT! A unique relic from the zombie apocalypse. From that moment, FRONT PAGE FREE PRESS was born. Being a Michigan resident, my ultimate dream was to have a locally based zombie outbreak paper. The Detroit zombie outbreak paper was my number one priority and it took a lot of work. Amazing friends gathered to slather themselves in fake blood and stumble through the streets Downtown to help me create the first photos and endless hours of editing to make it look and feel bleak and deserted helped it all come, (ironically), to life.

We need this...

Much like that first hour of a zombie film, the idea spread. Everyone wanted a FRONT PAGE for their own area. Each comic-con or horror-con I would go to would get their own local variant, and the idea kept growing and evolving. Today, I only have a handful of FRONT PAGES available, but there are MANY more coming soon.

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for your requests. Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm!



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